Wladimir Klitschko trains every day and is in good shape – Vitali made a statement

Владимир Кличко тренируется каждый день и находится в хорошей форме, – Виталий сделал заявление

The legendary Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klitschko has again commented on the rumors about the return of his brother in the Boxing. Vitaly called the main condition for the return of Vladimir in Boxing.

Earlier, Klitschko said that he will support any decision brother. He is convinced that money is not the main aspect of the possible return of his brother in the ring.

Return Vladimir in Boxing? Better to ask this question to him, he could get a clear answer. There is much speculation on this topic. First, the sum of $ 40 million, then 80, now hear about 120 million. Money is very important, but should be motivation to Vladimir came to the ring and said, “I want to try your hand again and show that I am the champion and that fight that I lost Joshua, was a mistake. But I want to show that I’m stronger than Joshua.” My brother now trains every day and is in good shape,
– said Vitaly Klitschko in the program “Big box”.

Sport 24 wrote that in March 2019 the streaming platform DAZN offered Vladimir Klitschko contract in the amount of $ 40 million for the return to the ring. Later it appeared that Vladimir Klitschko can get three games to two billion hryvnia. DAZN streaming company made the best offer Ukrainian.

Now at stake is $ 80 million. Boxer supposedly earn the money, if you hold three games in a profession, which can occur in 2019 in may, September and December. According to one of the items, a prerequisite for the next battle is to win in the previous meeting.

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