“Wolves, wolves!”: Massive “mining” of the schools, the terrorists can use to prepare real terrorist attacks

«Волки, волки!»: Массовое «минирование» школ террористы могут использовать для подготовки настоящих терактов

The attack in Kerch, which killed 21 people and wounded dozens of children, as we know, failed to prevent due to the passivity of the familiar weird Roslyakova citizens. Here the situation, along with the existing problems can and does arouse the vigilance of the security forces.

A little over three months since the tragedy in Kerch, where a student at a local Polytechnic College has coolly shot from a shotgun, dozens of students and staff of the institution. In the attack, which security officials qualified as mass murder, killing 21 people, 67 were injured. This event became the largest on number of victims of the attack on educational institution in the modern history of Europe. Later it turned out that about the strange inclinations and even criminal intent 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov knew his friends who responded to his revelation is extremely passive and did not report it to the authorities. Also not to arouse suspicion that living in the city boy bought for personal use from a gun and 150 rounds of ammunition. Many experts say that a timely response could prevent the tragedy.

Immediately after the attack in Kerch law enforcement agencies stepped up and drew attention to the previously seemingly minor facts. For several months in Russian schools is not heard shots and explosions, but there are fears that terror could resume. After the banned terrorist organization ISIS* took responsibility for the bombings in Magnitogorsk, the public spoke about the fact that something like that happens, if the security services will not efficiently carry out its work. In particular, across the country today, a wave of “mining” schools. Reports of a mass evacuation of the schools come from Veliky Novgorod, Ryazan, Tula, Arkhangelsk and Vologda.

The scenario is the same everywhere – anonymous messages about upcoming explosions go to the operator panel emergency services either come to your email. In addition to schools telephone terrorists massively undermine the shopping malls, the objects of social infrastructure. Yet, fortunately, information about preparation of acts of terrorism in any of the recorded cases were not confirmed. According to reports, security forces everywhere operate smoothly, efficiently and competently. Almost always go to schools heads of administrations, which oversee services on the spot. However, how long will officials and security forces to remain vigilant?

As you know, this is not the first major wave of “telephone terrorism” in Russia since the beginning of the year. Last week the same way “mined” school in Perm, Khanty-Mansiysk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Vladivostok. Then also, the security forces threw at the evacuation, and test alarm messages all the forces, but found nothing. Recall that in September 2017 in Russia there was a wave of “telephone terrorism” and then the security services allegedly found that communication by means of IP-telephony was received from Ukraine. According to some, this campaign was organized by the militants of the “Islamic state”* (Banned in Russia). Supposedly there are terrorists feel at ease and can plan terrorist attacks in Russia. It is likely that the authors current ideas can also be the militants of the terrorist organization, given their footprint in the tragedy in Magnitogorsk.

According to the normative instructions of the security forces and intelligence agencies are obliged to immediately respond to any anonymous messages about the impending attack. But if there are dozens and hundreds every day, it might happen what happened in Kerch? Sooner or later the security forces will show passivity in relation to such statements, knowing that they are more likely to be false. Maybe that terrorists seek, and the mass “mining” schools can use to prepare real terrorist attacks. The one that after dozens of false alarms, the security forces will not be so hasty to react. In this case, if the security forces will not stop the attempts to misinform and to disrupt the work of emergency services, it is likely that in the end the terrorists ‘ plan work and anything can happen, as in the famous fable about the shepherd who cried “Wolves, wolves!” and in the end did not wait for help.

* – The organization was prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court.

«Волки, волки!»: Массовое «минирование» школ террористы могут использовать для подготовки настоящих терактов

«Волки, волки!»: Массовое «минирование» школ террористы могут использовать для подготовки настоящих терактов