Woman accidentally bit off the penis of the partner

Женщина случайно чуть не откусила пенис партнеру

This unpleasant story happened to 43-year-old American resident of Arizona, whose name was not called for ethical reasons. During sex, he received a bite to the glans penis of his partner.

This man, apparently, decided to demonstrate their manhood or just a very shy nature of damage, because for as much as 5 days did not seek professional help and expect everything to heal itself. Describing this case doctors are not told about how the injury has occurred. They are only told that the partner accidentally clenched her teeth and bit down on the sensitive part of the penis of the man.

After a few days the pain didn’t stop, but only intensified, and the damaged tissue became dark, the man still decided to apply to the College of medicine at the University of Arizona in Phoenix. Doctors recorded the volume of dead tissue in 3 cm at the tip of the penis. It formed necrosis, and this meant that cells and tissues began to die. It is a common complication of infection or traumatic injuries like bites, after which people do not seek help from doctors. While pus in the wound has not yet formed, how to tell the doctors in an article for the journal Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine.

They held the man through a course of antibiotics, while doctors have not confirmed that he picked up any infection. Surgery affected did not need, and about a month no trace of his injuries had already left. While doctors stress that patients with such injuries of the penis often do not seek help, which the disease progresses. In some cases, stings can cause life-threatening infections like gangrene.