Woman accidentally sprayed perfume in my eyes – and it saved her life

Женщина случайно брызнула духами в глаза - и это спасло ей жизнь

British Carroll Greer learned that she has cancer, accidentally sprayed perfume in my eye. The woman went to the doctors to check her eyesight after she scattered fragrance in the face and lost some vision in one eye.

56-year-old Carroll was sent to the ophthalmic hospital of Saint Paul in Liverpool, where she was diagnosed with ocular melanoma, which is one of the most common types of eye cancer.

As it turned out, the spirits did not cause cancer, however, this is an amazing turn forced doctors in Saint Paul to take a closer look to the eyes of Carroll and to identify the disease.

“Professor St. Paul diagnosed my cancer on Monday, and I was removed the eye on Tuesday morning. Then I was told that at the time did not need more treatment,” said Carol.

The disease attacked a woman in November 2019 – then doctors discovered a cancerous spot on liver Carol. The surgeons removed part of her liver, but after three months as a result of further scanning proved that the cancer has penetrated into other areas of her liver.

The doctors decided that the best method of treatment, Carol will be tested a drug called Delcath Chemosaturation Melferlan, which was very successful for her type of cancer.

However, Carroll and her family received another blow when the treatment that she needs to get for free with a fully funded clinical trial, was cancelled due to pandemic coronavirus.

And now the family was left with no other option as to try to collect their own funds.

“I have too much that you can’t lose, I need to stay alive,” – said the mother of two children and grandmother of two grandchildren.

Despite everything that had happened to her, Carroll praised the NHS hospital in Liverpool for what they did to try to save her.

“All the hospitals of Liverpool was amazing. I don’t know what I would do without them,” said the woman.