Woman walking met a mysterious hairless creature

Женщина на прогулке встретила загадочное лысое существо

The animal behaved friendly, get under a woman’s car and allowed himself to be photographed.

A resident of the English district of Calderdale, the County of West Yorkshire, walking the dog met the mysterious hairless animal. About it on Thursday, June 4, reports the Daily Star.

The publication writes that parked his car Tracey Lowe was going to go for a walk with the dog. At this point, she saw a strange hairless creature is pink. It behaved friendly and even climbed under the car low.

“It crawled under my car and sat there for ten minutes, as if he wanted to come home with me. Then maybe something spooked it and it fled into the bushes,” – said the Briton.

She added that the dog reacted to the animal is not very friendly – pet start barking.

It is assumed that it was suffering from alopecia homemade ferret. It is worth noting that the ferrets this disease is quite common. It is not fatal, but the animal he’s balding.