Women filed a lawsuit against the Disney Studio for what they were paid less than men: details

Женщины подали в суд на студию Disney за того, что им платили меньше, чем мужчинам: детали

The famous American film Studio Walt Disney sued. Women who were paid less than men, decided to file a lawsuit against the company in which worked. The superior court of Los Angeles will consider a complaint, the essence of which is gender inequality.

Surprise act of the former workers of one of the most popular film companies of today The New York Times reported. The source said that the claim in the superior court of Los Angeles filed a legal company Anderson Andrus ( “Andrus Anderson”), on behalf of Laronda Rasmussen, who worked in the company for over 11 years, and Karen Moore.

They demand to return the difference, which he received during the operation, benefits, and overtime compensation for moral damage. Firm Andrus Anderson, which is fighting for equal pay for women and men with the Intel and Farmers Insurance, immediately agreed to represent the interests of Laronde Rasmus and Karen Moore.

Women are tired of being treated as cheap labor. We hope that this lawsuit will shed light on discrimination in pay, which Disney puts its hard-working employees,
– said the representative of the legal company Andrus Anderson.

However, Disney such charges are not confirmed, moreover, argue that the claim is useless and they will be protected.