Women get stupid in the cold, and the men in the heat: scientists

Женщины глупеют на холоде, а мужчины - на жаре: ученые

Scientists have proved that the temperature of the environment affects the health of men and women. First feel more comfortable in the cold, the second warm. Reported Plos One.

Experts conducted an experiment during which found out how the temperature regime affects the different gender. The study involved 542 students, 41% of whom were girls. Subjects were divided into several groups, who needed to perform the job in places with a temperature of 16 to 32 degrees above zero.

It turned out that with a temperature decrease girls performing tests on the thinking worse, and the guys better and Vice versa. Boys and girls were equally at a temperature of 22 degrees. Mathematical problems young men can best cope with 16 degrees, and the girls at 32.

Scientists believe that the temperature is not so much affects the ability to solve those or other problems, how to apply to this effort.

The experiment provides that the temperature affects not only the comfort but also for productivity. This can help employers to improve working conditions and employability of workers.

The researchers recommend to maintain in the office a temperature of about 24 degrees. With this increased men’s productivity falls too low, and the female rises high enough.