Women’s depression: the Scientists said, as the bakery kill the mood

Женская депрессия: Ученые рассказали, как хлебобулочные изделия убивают настроение

The use of semi-finished pasta and increase the tendency to mental disorder.

British scientists came to the conclusion that nutrition has a strong influence on the mental state of women. The use of particular products may provoke the depression.

Scientists at Harvard University claim fast carbs not only spoil the figure, but also affect mood.

Scientists have named the top 5 “depressed” products.

1. Cakes. These products should be consumed in moderation, otherwise there may be problems with the intestines. Heaviness in the abdomen, of course, will not add positive emotions. And excessive consumption, and will ruin your figure.

2. Sugar. Because sweet is too rapidly disappearing energy, causing a person gets tired faster and gets depressed.

3. Low fat products have a high sodium content, which greatly depresses the nervous system.

4. Soft drinks. Because of the large amounts of sugar increases glucose levels in the blood and improves mood. However, the effect of too short sugar decreases rapidly and appears sad.

5. Canned. They are suffering from the entire body, so it is not surprising that they also influence mood.

Scientists reported good news for women: from depression they would save fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and milk.