Women’s favorite men: the family of Sofia Rotaru mourning

Женщины теряют любимых мужчин: в семье Софии Ротару траур

In a family of Ukrainian and Soviet popular singer Sofia Rotaru was in sorrow. Died one of her close relatives – husband of her sister. About it writes the edition dni.ru

Family friend Ivan Prokofievich said that women of their kind lost their loved men. It is reported that the sister of Sophia Mikhailovna Lydia happily lived in marriage with her husband, businessman Mr. Chlebecek, 40 years. They raised a daughter who was named after her aunt – Sophie. The girl began her solo career under the name Sonya Kay.

Ivan Prokofievich says that her daughter is struggling to support Lydia. He also said that it happened immediately after the birthday of the grandson of Sofia Rotaru, Anatoliy.

Also Ivan Prokofievich recalls that Sergei chlabicz was a real support for the family, noting that all the women of the family Rotaru lost their husbands. Deceased Sergei chlabicz native of Poltava and was known in Chernivtsi businessman.

According to a family friend, said goodbye to the businessman in Chernivtsi, where he lived Sergei hlebec.

Lydia and Sergey met while working together in an ensemble Cheremosh, where chlabicz played guitar and was the singer, and later became the artistic Director of the team. After Sergei chlabicz retired from music and went into business. In 1991 they had a daughter Sophia, which went towards his aunt and built a singing career.

A family friend also said that the couple was preparing for a joyous occasion – their only daughter Sonia planned to marry this summer. Now whether or not the wedding. Sonya Kay and her fiancé planned to get married in June 2020. The event was going to be celebrated in Kiev and the feast was invited almost 100 guests. According to preliminary calculations, the wedding of the niece Rotaru will cost 100 thousand dollars.

She Sofia Rotaru said in Instagram about the death of the husband of his sister, singer Lidia Rotaru. Deceased Sergei chlabicz – the father of the singer Sonya Key. He was known Chernivtsi businessman, CEO of the company “Maveks”. Lidia Rotaru of chlabicz lived for 40 years.

This morning died the husband of my sister Lydia. Mourn and sympathize, wrote Rotaru in stories.

Женщины теряют любимых мужчин: в семье Софии Ротару траур

Женщины теряют любимых мужчин: в семье Софии Ротару траур

Женщины теряют любимых мужчин: в семье Софии Ротару траур