Women’s horoscope from 20 to 26 July: to whom it is necessary to analyze each step

Женский гороскоп с 20 по 26 июля: кому надо анализировать каждый шаг

The upcoming week begins with the new moon in Cancer, which will be the turning point in the astrological world – many negative influences of energy will disappear from our lives. The new moon will put an end to external negativity, so it’s time to finally tune in to a positive and gradually return to the embodiment of major projects, to which it was dangerous to touch because of the unfavourable astrological factors.

But it is necessary to listen to the tips of astrologers, in order not to face unpleasant surprises.

Aries Woman

The material difficulties that can haunt women for the Rams earlier in the week, they should not be discouraged: as soon as will fall the influence of the new moon (presumably 23-25 July), the situation in the monetary sphere will change for the better. A good week for major projects and new achievements that require activity, luck and risk. According to astrologers, commitment, the Rams will be on top, so there is nothing stopping safely go forward. The only thing we must not forget – it’s loved ones who may suddenly need assistance.

Taurus Woman

An important area this week – the spiritual side of life. The stars advise representatives of the Calf to perform their past words and actions, and to draw attention to the unusual situation, from 20 to 23 July they can find an important clue. If you postpone the introspection, the events of the past come back like a boomerang and hurt the achievement of your goals. So urgent was no career issues or long-awaited date, the basis of all – taking care of your own harmony and attentiveness to their feelings.


Despite the fact that the week promises great opportunities, and the influence of the planets promises a new perspective in matters related to career, money and personal growth of women-Twins inadvertently can lose a positive change. Frivolous attitude to life threatens to turn into disappointment and negativity. The stars advise not to build his own obstacles in your path, and become more serious and cautious this week. Recommended maximum to work on yourself – then get to understand what the universe is trying to say.


Energy weeks are very active now favorable to start a new business. In the current work will be given the chance to show their abilities and talents and to earn a high rating. Special emphasis should be placed on the money: from 20 to 26 July it is possible to lay the Foundation of well-being, using the power of the new Moon. However, the renewal of the moon promises a difficult period when you can encounter a lack of motivation and life experience. To keep a calm attitude and optimism, astrologers often suggest to seek the help of relatives and spiritual practices.

The Female Lion

The new lunar cycle, which means that female Lions should to review plans and to expand its boundaries and possibilities. If you actively work this week, will cope with any complexity. Key qualities – self-discipline, the ability to see the future, clearly outline the case and follow the plans. However, it may seem that things aren’t moving fast enough, but of opportunities and happy coincidences will be in abundance. Success is guaranteed with solid confidence.

This week at the women-Virgins will have a chance to verify the validity of the proverb “a blessing in disguise”. Bad at first glance, circumstances will eventually lead to success and prosperity. So no need to complain on the fate and give up: it is likely that the kind of problems to Virgins come successful events and happy change. The most important thing – not to lose control over the work and important things, even if the circumstances of this week will plunge into melancholy. To take from life the best, you need to establish inner harmony.

The Woman-Libra

The new moon in Cancer can be for women Weights as a source of problems, and a chance to start a new life. To see what is happening not problems, but opportunities need to clear my head and get rid of the internal negative. To get out of the losing streak you always want a winner, and this week will not be easy: the winner will demonstrate speed and flexibility, will be attentive to the prompts of the soul and is open to the possibilities that will bring this week. Main allies – the alertness of mind and an optimistic attitude.

Scorpion Woman

External circumstances this week would help the work, however, many female Scorpions can feel the accumulated fatigue. Do not succumb to internal apathy and shrug off the “optional” cases: if you do not solve a small problem, which does not need a lot of energy, she can quietly grow a critical situation. Important: during the week from 20 to 26 July it is possible to decide something just by being confident in your decision 100%. It is therefore important to analyze each step to put everything into question, not to be deceived themselves, and not to disappoint the expectations of others.

The Woman-Sagittarius

The influence of the new Moon can make you fall in childhood and capricious. In the beginning of the week representatives of Sagittarius can go against logic and common sense to make crazy thing to do. The site dailyhoro.ru I advise you to take this as a signal that “inner woman” tired and requires attention and care. The case for small: to arrange a rest in the middle of a busy week, wear your favorite dress, turn on some good music. The body will be grateful for your concern and thank a burst of energy and inspiration, which is enough to safely go for his dream.

Full moon in Cancer since Monday, can be tiring, cause fatigue and loss of motivation. The correct reaction to these trends: if you need a breakthrough in current Affairs, morning July 20, say to yourself: “Forward!” and begin to act. One who would not linger and doubt, almost immediately will feel a surge of strength and creative energy. Even if your work is not directly associated with creativity have a chance to catch the state of the thread, to find and implement original ideas. In this respect, an excellent hint will be signs of even minor but unusual event (an unexpected call or a thing) can give a fresh direction of thought.

Aquarius Woman

The time for exploits in the name of work, personal relationships and career will come after Tuesday. And in the beginning of the week women Aquarius the stars advise you to correlate the strength and opportunity with the real situation. Do not build castles in the air: if you want to decide something important, it is better to write down all the arguments for and against – so will think better and faster are good ideas. There may be situations in which it is necessary to defend their rights – including a legal way. Calm and perseverance will help to protect their interests.

The Woman-Fish

The key to the success of female Fish at the end of July will be the caution: a week can be very stressful, conflict-ridden and problematic. Power planets are slow, mundane and encourage more to go into every detail, to identify more precisely the purpose in life clearly and adjust your course to achieve them. May be annoyed that the process isn’t going as fast as we would like, but it is important not to succumb to frustration, to keep a smooth pace and sober. This approach is ideal training, finding useful information and good solutions.