Women’s national team of Ukraine on basketball 3×3 in an incredible match got in the fight bronze of the European championship – 24 Channel

Жіноча збірна України з баскетболу 3х3 у неймовірному матчі виборола бронзу чемпіонату Європи - 24 Канал

Women’s national team of Ukraine on basketball won bronze at the European championship in basketball 3×3. The team of Vladimir Kholopova has shown incredible character in the consolation final with Italy.

In the match for third place Ukraine played with team Italy. And started the game not too well, conceding with the score 6:14. And they found the strength to return to the game: the 4 triple hit Sprchovym and olkhovyk, as well as the exact average of Ogorodnikova our girls took the lead 15:14. And Italians are also not going to just give up, and managed to answer accurate shots and put the game into overtime.

The opponent opened the score in overtime, but the national team of Ukraine provides another accurate three-point olkhovyk, which brought our team the third place in the continental championship – 17:16.

The 3×3 European Championships. Women. Match for the 3rd place
Ukraine – Italy 17:16

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