Women’s team of Ukraine biathlon lost captain until the end of the season

Женская сборная Украины по биатлону потеряла капитана до конца сезона

The captain of the female national team of Ukraine in biathlon Olena Pidhrushna forced to finish ahead of appearances in the 2018/19 season. The reason was the decision of doctors.

After the results of a comprehensive medical examination conducted in Kiev on the eve, Elena Pidhrushna put a disappointing diagnosis – acute phase of myocarditis – inflammation of heart muscle, said biathlon.com.ua.

Health problems Elena has arisen as a result of the disease in January this year. To diagnose the diseases in terms of performances at the world Cup was impossible. After Pidhrushna held three races after his illness in terms of impaired health, it was decided to send the athlete for additional testing to determine the causes of ailments. The result of the ultrasound, and then MRI confirmed the diagnosis, excluding the continuation of performances in the current season.

At the moment, Olena Pidhrushna is the second of Ukrainians in the overall world Cup standings, ranking 36 th place.

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