Wooden “beads on the ropes”. Kharkov broke the hammock each, and now makes them for export

Деревянный "бисер на веревках". Харьковчанин порвал гамак друга, а теперь делает их на экспорт

In Kharkov Sergey Kasyanenko produces hand-woven hammocks that are popular abroad – in Poland and Turkey.

The trick lies in the approach. He makes niche beds with wooden inlays, metal fixtures and increases their chains. Products are durable.

The entrepreneur calls his work “the beads on the ropes”. Why is this business unique, and what is the price of the goods tells the businessman for the Shot.

-Once I arrived to the friend on the cottage, there was stretched a hammock between the trees. Lay down in it and fell. Mount broke and broken. Had to take it for repairs. But the material was poor quality. Stitch it did not make sense. Decided to make a new one.

Lack of experience – it was the biggest problem. Although 2009 was not to call pre-Internet times, but then the request “to weave a hammock” – there was little information. Ask for advice not one.

As did the first product to be ruined 10 wooden planks. Long figured out how to do it. Figured out how on the scheme to weave in and out of the rope. Ordered hardwood bagels. A new challenge – how to weave a tree in the rope?! One cell is 8 bagels. Then have the diamonds you need to collect in the General scheme. Separately I have been able to weave 3-4 rhombus, but to combine them was not possible.

Before started to make the beds – worked for 15 years in the service station. Kept the wash.

Now the production of additional workers no. Weave yourself. I have a family business, if you can call it. Son helps when I can’t make it. He also maintains a page on the social network and processing the order.

For me the hammock is a status thing, like a car: Yes for $ 100, and there are over 100 000. The quality determines the price.

Products cost 10 000 UAH

My goods from the segment “not cheap”, so most are made to order. Prices from 1 850 to 10 000. For example, a Mexican hammock out of fabric, buy a 4-8 thousand. But they are not very hardy. And it’s too hot to sleep, the body does not breathe.

Customers from Poland and Turkey. One was sent to Germany. Informed are actively trading with Russia. Now – no. Buy more Ukrainians.

To start the production of the chairs need a lot of money. A large part spend on the wooden parts. In woodworking expensive equipment, so to carve for me to order several thousand parts – get expensive.

In this painstaking work. It can be compared to a cross stitch or beadwork. This work does not fit very active or a bit of nutty people. Not stay long. For production I have a separate room. The most expensive hammocks collect longer than 5-6 days. In a month time to weave 11-12 pieces.

“Reliability details”

My motto is – “reliability in the details.” It is important for me to make a quality product that will last for years to come, not disposable.

So specializers on wooden loungers that are designed for heavy loads. Of course, there are made of fabric. But with tree work more interesting.

My production is non-waste. Materials you take in the market and the sawmill. Weave the rope under the base and use wood bagels. Advantage – does not cut into the body.

In addition to hammocks, and hanging chairs for the garden

First make a wooden plank with holes. Through her stretch a rope based. Scheme weave them together, strung wooden bagels.

There is a schema field where the 12 diamond – width and 19 length. Among these diamonds you can make a pattern that a customer will order. The product can weave a diamond, or other shape. Still each piece turns out unique.

Wooden make two types: reinforced by chains and rope, inlaid with wrought-iron fixtures. One product takes up to 2,500 pieces. Wood choose oak, beech, ash. The weight of such articles 28-29 pounds. Stand up, even if it will sit from the whole family.

In length do the two standards of 3.80 m and 4.20 m, width 1.30 m. It is an ideal size at which the “landing spot” where sit people is 2.20 m. But always take into account the wishes of customers.

In addition to hammocks, custom make hanging chairs and “tapczaniki” (so called cushion). You can immediately order all in a set, or separately. Now working hard to make his name – said Kharkov.

Деревянный "бисер на веревках". Харьковчанин порвал гамак друга, а теперь делает их на экспорт

Деревянный "бисер на веревках". Харьковчанин порвал гамак друга, а теперь делает их на экспорт

Деревянный "бисер на веревках". Харьковчанин порвал гамак друга, а теперь делает их на экспорт