Word of eight letters: “servants of the people” voiced the ideology of the party – try to guess

Слово из восьми букв: «слуги народа» озвучили идеологию партии - попробуйте угадать

After a long time in the party “servant of the people” determined the main goals of his political power and promulgated the ideology, which intended to follow in the future. Writes about this RBC-Ukraine.

At the Congress of representatives of the party “servant of the people” has finally called ideology that can unite the people of Ukraine and lead it to peace and prosperity. It is this ideology going to follow in the party.

The Chairman of the party “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko has declared the Ukrainian centrism, the main course of his political power. A distinctive feature of this ideology is a complete rejection of radicalism and other political extremes. The ideology of the party will soon be fixed in the relevant Statute.

“It’s centrism that denies the political extremes and radicalism. But it is a creative centric, this Ukrainian centrism. We offer may continue to consolidate at the level of the Charter. To do the appropriate steps to introduce this term in modern political space. Ukrainian centrism is the ideology of the party “servant of the people”, – said Alexander Kornienko.

The Chairman of the party “servant of the people” also reminded that in all the years of existence of independent Ukraine not one imposed ideology has not led to the expected well-being and prosperity. It is the “servants of the people” have set ourselves the goal to develop the principles that will be leading in our country and will target the Ukraine for peace and prosperity.

“For our party think it is time to work out the basic ideological principles. What ideology can we move… Ukraine was sucked into the trap of the various ideologies.. none of them worked, did not bring prosperity and peace. I suggest to try to rid yourself from the ideological shackles, to go third way….We can become the party that will be separate from the ideological prejudices of the past”, – summed up Alexander Kornienko.

Recall that in Ukraine has organized a new public opinion poll which helped to determine which political force could be the new leader in Parliament, if elections were held next Sunday. The results showed that Ukrainians support the party of the fifth President of Ukraine.

Слово из восьми букв: «слуги народа» озвучили идеологию партии - попробуйте угадать