Work for students on vacation: what you need to know

Работа для школьников на каникулах: что нужно знать

Each student sooner or later there is a desire to earn personal money, which can freely dispose of.

Summer is approaching and a long vacation, during which you can earn extra money for a new phone, parts for computer, or help their parents. tells about the work of students in Ukraine. The most popular options

Promoter. To distribute fliers it is not difficult, but takes a lot of time. For handing out leaflets in Kiev pay around 50 UAH per hour. For posting payment on time, but it could be incentive for a certain number of pasted sheets.

Waiter. Work in this area is somewhat less popular among students because it requires some skill, endurance and newsmiley character.

Restaurants require experience and age not less than 15 years. However, the case is otherwise with a small café where the selection less strict and much easier to get. At the same time, average earnings will be more than a promoter.

Washer. Not an easy job, but the salary is higher. The choice of car should be treated more seriously, as the tasks and paying employees is very different.

How to find a job

There are two main ways to go, for example, in a restaurant or store and ask directly if they have jobs. In such case, you can immediately evaluate the future of the workplace, and the employer of the prospective employee.

Second – search for jobs on designated sites. In this case, the conversation with the employer by telephone first, it is important to mention your age, as some institutions refuse, on principle, to take a minor.

And secondly, you need to evaluate the place of the ad: look at the pictures, evaluate the location, because late in the evening to get from home not only long, but also dangerous.

What the law says

From the Code of laws on work of Ukraine it is known that to find a job once you turn 14. In this case, the working week should not exceed 24 hours, and from 16 to 18 years – up to 36 hours.

Is mandatory working in their free time, so vacation is the perfect time. If the work is during the school year, the number of hours is reduced twice.

Also, persons working below the age of 18 years 31 days relies on vacation. According to article 194 with reduced working hours, the salary is paid is paid in the same size as the corresponding categories of employees in full working day.

Also, minors are not allowed to get on heavy and dangerous work underground, as well as to work with night shifts.

When applying for a job, everyone needs an employment contract for security of both parties. It deals with the place of work, the work to be undertaken by people on salary. Both parties – worker and employer are obliged to fulfil in good faith their obligations.

If necessary the worker may at any time resign from work on their own. The employer may dismiss an employee only for reasons stipulated by the Code of laws on work.