World cancer day: how to protect yourself

Всемирный день борьбы против рака: как уберечь себя

Every minute in the world, at least, one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes one dies. To stop this terrible statistic can only the patients themselves, doctors say. You only need to be screened regularly. How can you protect your health?

Victoria came to check to mammologist. Claims, suspicion of cancer has not. But after diagnosis annually.

“I have a genetic predisposition, as in the family suffered from cancer, so I’m very closely connected, and want to warn,” says Victoria from Kiev Dobrovskaya, reports

The first thing a doctor checks, whether there are at Victoria some seals. It’s – is the reason for a more detailed diagnosis.

Fortunately, Victoria is healthy, but the doctor advises to come to be checked even more often than once a year. After all, breast cancer ranks first in the oncological diseases among women in Ukraine. According to Ministry of health, just last year, ill 14 000 Ukrainians, almost half of them died. If cancer is diagnosed at stage 1 – 95% recover in the second stage chances to overcome the illness, 80 percent, and the third only half.

“The average statistics in Ukraine – somewhere 40-42 patient per 100,000 population, a high level of morbidity. The main sources of risk are genetic factors, either inherited or acquired,” says Milan lad, oncologist.

Among the reasons also – addiction and stress. During it women experience changes in hormonal status. And this affects the mammary glands.

“Therefore, early detection of this disease gives us more chances in the future to cure this disease,” recalls oncologist.

But Elena came with complaints of moles on the back. So many of them that the girl is experiencing is not cancer. After all, skin cancer is also on the list of most common cancers in Ukraine. The doctor checks every entity on the body and does not find threat. But to get tested and advises her. Because private patients are not aware that their mole may be a melanoma, to metastasize.

“Out of a hundred people who become ill with cancer, 3% is a melanoma. That’s a lot? Well, it’s a lot, Yes! And every year by 14-15% increases the number of cases”, – quotes the sad statistics of oncologist Michael Bakiyev.

Most skin cancer provoke the sun’s rays. Therefore, in summer, the physicians are advised to use sunscreen. And most importantly – regularly checked by a doctor.