World champion in hand-to-hand combat shot of the Russian military – 24 Channel

Чемпіон світу з рукопашного бою застрелив російського військового - 24 Канал

In Dagestan world champion on fighting suspect in the murder of an employee Rashguard during the fight.

According to the Russian “Interfax”, the murder took place in Makhachkala, near one of the cafes.

“In Makhachkala during the night (17 November 18 – 24 Channel) Rashguard employee while off-duty near the entrance to one of the city’s cafes, decided to stop group conflict, people who were there. In the course of solving the situation one of the conflicting parties using a firearm, opened fire. Fire officer Rashguard wounded one who was shot , but he was fatally wounded”, – stated in the message.

It is also reported that gunshot wounds were got by one of the regulars. He’s in intensive care, but conscious.

According to the Agency, the identity of the shooter established, conducted his search.

“According to available information, the gunman is a world champion in hand-to-hand combat. His name is known to investigators. Looking for him. Criminal case”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

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