World champion motocross MXGP, Jeffrey Herlings broke his leg a month before the new season

Чемпион мира по мотокроссу MXGP Джеффри Херлингс сломал ногу за месяц до нового сезона

The start of the 2019 season for the reigning world champion in motocross in the Royal class MXGP Jeffrey Herlings may be delayed: in free practice in Spain he broke his right leg had to be operated on.

RACING.RU, January 26, 2019 – the Incident occurred on Friday on the training track in Albaida (Spain). Factory team KTM Factory Racing has already confirmed that he was operated on immediately in the evening of the same day to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible. KTM Factory Racing has published a short announcement:

“Jeffrey Herlings recovers after surgery on the right foot, through which he passed Thursday evening from a fall in training. Champion MXGP went through it without any complications and problems. The team will issue a press release with information about the details and timing of the recovery.”

Season of world motocross MXGP of 2019 will begin on March 2 in Argentina. After 3 weeks, on March 24, in the calendar of the assigned visit to the UK, and on 31 March, the home stage of Herlings in Valkenswaard.

To prepare for MXGP, the pilots of this class, as Herlings mandatory participate in various international competitions prior to the world Championships or the national open series, Italy, France, Holland and so on.