World Cup biathlon: Kuzmina won the sprint, Vita Semerenko only 28-I

Кубок мира по биатлону: Кузьмина уверенно выиграла спринт, Вита Семеренко только 28-я

In the Norwegian Holmenkollen took place the sprint race in the framework of the biathlon world Cup. The women’s race was won by Anastasiya Kuzmina of Slovakia.

Kuzmina made one mistake during Stolby lying, but still managed to win the race. Contributed to this high speed Anastasia.

Second place was won by the representative of Germany, Franziska Preuss, who lost Kuzmina 21 seconds. The third was Pauline violet. Slovak without penalties went the distance and lost Kuzmina 25 seconds.

The best of Ukrainians, which in this race was already seven, was Vita Semerenko. Vita, starting 38th, purely worked on two loops, but spent a lot of time to close the 10th target. Demonstrating the high speed Vita finished in the 28th position.

Ian Cooper with two errors worked prone. Although purely Yana broke the rack, she was unable to fight for the top places and finished 48th. Valentina Semerenko first of the representatives of Ukraine at the beginning of the race. Valentine scored three penalties and finished the sprint at the 55th position. Anastasiya Merkushyna with two errors on the shooting range – 57-I.

Debutante Anna Krivonos, though, and made only one mistake, but because of the low speed managed to finish only the 74th. Nadezhda Belkina with three penalties as much as 77-I. Worst of all the distance among Ukrainians overcame Catherine beh, which was forced to overcome two penalties and finished in 93rd place.

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