“Worry not about the money”: words about the lost millions riled familiar Rotaru

"Переживает не о деньгах": слова о потерянных миллионах взбесили знакомую Ротару

Colleague “hutoryanki” does not consider it impoverished.

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Because of the pandemic in the fashion industry, many stars lost the opportunity to act and earn. Loss suffers and Sofia Rotaru – star for the last three months could earn more than 40 million rubles. Talk about the financial losses, “hutoryanki” infuriated her colleague. Singer Mila of Romanidi believes that earnings for such a great artist is not important.

“She’s not impoverished”,

– spoken by the singer of the song “Hawaiian guitar”. Thus, the artist agreed with the opinion of Sergei Sosedov, who is called the people’s artist of the dollar multimillionaires.

According to Romandi about “a big star” as rotary, we can not say such things, and habit to count other people’s money it is called ignorance.

“Rotary is going through not about the money, and that may not please the audience with their performances,” – said the singer in an interview with “Interlocutor”. For such stars is important, not the earnings and the love of the public. Romande called “hutoryanka” great and unique woman that can spend time as they wish.

We will remind that about the financial losses of people’s artist said its Director Sergei Lavrov. Quarantine star held in Kiev with his family. Rotaru worked vegetable garden and worked on new songs, which plans to return to the stage in the fall.