Worse than Moldova, Ukraine officially recognized the poorest country in Europe

Хуже Молдовы: Украина официально признана самой бедной страной в Европе

It became known as the rating of Ukraine is in Europe on poverty.

According to new data from the world Bank, at the end of the last 2019 Ukraine has become the poorest country in Europe. This information provided on its official page in social network Facebook the head of a private investment Fund in the United States of America Vladimir Kompaniets.

Thus, the expert said that Ukraine got a rating for all three parameters. So, according to GDP per person Ukraine 3659.03 dollar. He compared with Moldova, in which the figure shows 4498.52 dollar. Ukraine also loses Moldova GDP per capita with account of purchasing power parity – 13341.2 and 13574.1 in Moldova, respectively.

Ukraine shows 12810 US $ GDP per capita PPP in constant prices in 2017, while Moldova – 13034 USD.