“Worst car”: LADA Granta FL in a frontal collision no air bag deployed – blogger

«Самая ужасная машина»: У LADA Granta FL при лобовом столкновении не сработала подушка безопасности - блогер

The motorist was lucky not to crash the car on the day of purchase.

On YouTube appeared a video in which the owner updated the “Grants” talked about their experiences of accidents. According to blogger Arthur Iskhakov, LADA Granta FL in a frontal collision no air bag deployed.

It is noted that the car at approximately 50 miles per hour crashed into a tree. The accident left the spar and badly bent the hood. Passengers were not injured, but interestingly, the airbag in a frontal collision did not work, and emergency-response system “ERA-GLONASS” and did not think to call for help.

“The car is horrible! You’re in a frontal collision left alone with a rigid wheel”, – complained of LADA Granta FL motorist.

To prove that the car is new, the author of the video showed the run of “Grants” – a total of 88 kilometers.

“Before buying this car, think, would he save your life,” concluded the blogger.