Worst-first: NASA will resume drilling operations on Mars after a failed attempt

Первый блин комом: NASA возобновит буровые работы на Марсе после неудачной попытки

Engineers trying to cut through the sandy surface of the planet with a probe InSight.

For NASA, the first pancake turned out lumpy because the drill has gone deep into the surface of Mars is only 30 inches instead of the expected 70. The mission plan InSight fulfilled less than 50%. May 7, NASA will resume drilling operations on Mars and will try to implement the project fully. This happens after a failed attempt earlier, when the machine is not able to drill a hole in the planet. With this mission, scientists will know whether it is possible in principle to drill the surface on the red planet. This information is very important because in the future astronauts are going to colonize Mars, to build a city and roads. However, due to the poor conditions it will have to do under the surface of the red planet. So, if the InSight mission will fail, then the idea of Elon musk can cross.

We will remind, the head of the company Space X plans to build on Mars in dome-shaped objects to build a subsurface route. If the soil on the red planet not amenable to drilling, to achieve this goal will not succeed. Very soon scientists will know whether it is possible to get under the sandy crust of Mars. Looks like some time will need to be happy or to grieve engineers, because of the success of the InSight mission depends the future of humanity. Resources on Earth to end, so scientists want to make Mars a good alternative to the Blue planet. If you drill the surface did not succeed, then astronomers will have to find a new celestial body to colonize.