Worth a penny, cures just about everything: medication, which is ordered to be silent Stalin

Стоит копейки, лечит почти все: лекарство, о котором приказал молчать Сталин

We’ve recently learned that for over 60 years, exists and is freely available medicine that cures most diseases, but that is what he hates and conventional medicine!

Called the drug “ASD”, is worth a penny, and treats almost everything!

Not so long ago in one of the archives of the NKVD was found a Memorandum written by Beria to Stalin. Here is what it says:

“… due to the fact that the official medical use of the drug invented by Professor A. V. Dorogova will inevitably lead to:

– reduction of terms of treatment of most diseases, and as a consequence, a decrease in the number of medical staff and decrease in the industrial release of many drugs;

– increase the average life expectancy of the disabled population of the USSR in 15-20 years that will result in unreasonable loads on the Pension and Housing Funds,

I offer to translate preparations ASD F1, ASD f-2 and ASD f-3 in the category of veterinary…”

And below the resolution of Stalin: “CLAIM”.

What is this medicine?

In fact, this medicine used in the middle Ages, but the persecution of the Church on the alchemists led to the fact that they forgot about it. All but a very few scientists. Among them was Alexei Dorogov Vlasovich.

First, he found that in the XIII-XV centuries in Russia there were some ultra-expensive and only available to the nobility “elixir of life”. It was extracted from the tissues of frogs, was used for the thermal sublimation and then condensation of vapor into liquid. It turned out the infusion, which add some herbs – more for flavor than for use.

Dorogov went against the pharmaceutical community of the USSR (there, as elsewhere, considered it “nonsense” or, at best, a “legend”) so-called “bio-bomb” – ASD f-1.

The drug you can consume in very small quantities – and he was saved from many diseases, including those, who so far treated only with surgery.

ASD-F1 was developed in secrecy: what Dorogov, only knew Stalin and Beria.

The great, albeit unknown, researchers used as raw material of frogs, and as a method of processing thermal sublimation fabrics with liquid condensation.

The resulting preparation had a direct and antiseptic, and stimulating, and healing wounds and ulcers properties. ASD means: antiseptic-stimulator Dorogova.

The drug has shown phenomenal results of the experiments. In 1953 Dorogov, humiliated by the fact that he is not allowed to announce their discovery publicly, wrote a letter to the then people’s Commissar of health of the USSR Andrey Tretyakov. In it, he proposed to train thousands of doctors tissue therapy in a special clinic in Moscow, where they could pass each other in the Union.

Tretyakov refused. Against the doctor immediately began a prosecutorial harassment. He was accused of illegal medical practice, closed he headed the laboratory, and in 1957 Dorogov and all died. Of course, under unclear circumstances: they say, in broad daylight, poisoned with carbon monoxide in the yard (!) own home!

April 14, 1959, all information regarding ASD f-1 coded!

Then, when the Soviet Union collapsed, ASD began to sell in pharmacies. Ie, it exists, but it is quiet. He seems to be true, but for most people it does not exist. Most doctors nothing really about him and not heard: ASD-F1 do not study in medical universities. And drugs ASD-ASD F2 and-F3 (derived from the “original”) is used exclusively in veterinary medicine.

But now it is known that ASD can cure a minimum of such diseases:

psoriasis and atopic dermatitis;

tuberculosis and bronchial asthma;

mastopathy and fibromyoma;





The only unpleasant quality that has ASD, and very specific smell! To get rid of it followers Dorogova, unfortunately, I can’t so far.

Now here’s how to use this product (you can buy it almost at any pharmacy) with the disease, which he also accomplished:

Gynaecological diseases. To introduce a 1% aqueous solution of the preparation method of douching. Repeat every day until full recovery.

Hypertension. Be taken orally, starting with 5 drops, 2 times a day. Every day, add to the dose of one drop – as long as two weeks will not bring the number of drops to 20 at a time. Make until distinct signs of normalizing the blood pressure.

Ocular inflammatory diseases. Mix 3-5 drops of medicine in half a glass of boiled water and drink. Should take on the scheme “5 days to drink, 3 days of “rest”.

Prevention of hair loss and strengthening hair roots. A 5% solution of ASD-2 to RUB into the scalp.

Diseases of the liver, heart, and nervous system. If they have already become manifest, take oral. Start with 5 days, 10 drops a day. You need to mix them in half a glass of water. Then take a break for 3 days. Next 5 days, take 20 drops, then again, take a 3-day break. Finally, we need to finish the course 5-day session, during which you will take a 25 drops per day.

Kidney and gallbladder. Take the standard scheme.

Toothache. Dipped in ASD-F2 cotton swab and applied to the site of inflammation.

Impotence. Take 3-5 drops of 5 consecutive days. Pre-mix it in a glass of water and take before meals.

Gastritis. The standard dosage, but take not more than 1 time a day.

Gout, inflammation of the lymph nodes, and rheumatism. Dosage and application circuit standard, but you can enhance the effect by means of compresses. You need to apply them directly to painful areas. To make this compress, mix 5 drops of the drug in 100 ml of water.

Sciatica. 1 Cup water 1 teaspoon ASD-2, taken 2 times a day until recovery.

TB. Drink the solution in the morning, once a day on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals. Start with five drops mixed in half Cup of boiled water. Then with each new cycle (5 3) increase the concentration of the solution, first to 10 and then to 15 drops. The entire course of treatment takes about three months.