Worth a penny: named effective product for hair growth

Стоит копейки: назван эффективный продукт для роста волос

Scientists call the products that promote hair growth. According to the researchers, a change in diet may affect not only at strengthening hair, but also to accelerate their growth. The exception of some products, such as cigarettes, may reduce the rate of hair loss and deterioration of their condition. Which product should definitely include in the diet for hair growth – see below.

Scientists of the German Institute of trichology in a joint study with the help of nutritionists has determined that there is a direct correlation of certain foods with the speed of growth of hair. Certain foods can affect hair loss. Scientists came to the conclusion that a change in diet can affect hair loss is not caused by an allergic reaction, concomitant diseases, and chemical factors.

According to scientists, the most effective product for growth and strengthen the hair are eggs. They contain a lot of protein, stimulating the production of collagen, which plays an important role in strengthening the protective layer of hair. Doctors say that with age the body produces less collagen, making the hair porous and brittle.

German experts have listed in the journal Fit for Fun the most effective products against hair loss. Among them flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, figs, berries, green leafy vegetables, avocados, soybeans and algae.