Wrestler John Cena has intrigued fans of the superhero role

Рестлер Джон Сина заинтриговал фанатов ролью супергероя

Former wrestler John Cena, who is now active in films, posted Instagram the comic picture of the superhero X-O Warrior.

X-O Warrior (original X-O Manowar) – hero comic book publisher Valiant Comics, first published in 1992. He is a warrior of the times of the Roman Empire, who was abducted by aliens and has spent years held captive by the aliens. Then fled, taking with him a tough alien armor, and returned to Earth. That’s only because of the time shift was in 2012 and has gone crazy from how the world has changed.

Shin did not comment on the picture. Just posted and everything. But fans, of course, took this as a hint of involvement in the film adaptation of the comic book.

Note that if not for the coronavirus and pandemic related quarantine, we’d see Cena on the big screen in may in the action movie “fast and furious 9”. There wrestler played brother Dominic Toretto configured extremely hostile. Now the release of the new “fast and Furious” postponed for a year.

Рестлер Джон Сина заинтриговал фанатов ролью супергероя