Wrinkles and hoarse voice: old Chaliapin refused to give way to young artists

Морщины и хриплый голос: постаревший Шаляпин отказался давать дорогу молодым артистам

The singer appeared in a new way and ridiculed the stars of show business.

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Prokhor Chaliapin surprised fans with a change in appearance. The new video shows the artist aged, wrinkled face, and speaking in a hoarse voice.

As it turned out, the former face Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya changed specifically to parody artists the national stage. In the video, published in “Instagram”, it appears in the form of 91-year-old king of pop.

Chaliapin in the video jokingly admits that for 70 years removed in all programs and receive all possible rewards and let the young and talented singers on their place will not.

“Revelations of an elderly artist, how to survive to a ripe old age) the Basic rules of success. I think you already guessed”,

signed Prokhor Chaliapin.

One of the first humorous video praised the former wife of musician. Larissa Kopenkina wrote that he “served” all the artists and now he will have a hard time because of the criticism.

Fans appreciated his creation and agreed with his opinions on old stars of show business.

“The face is not learned, only by voice. Great work, well done, Prokhorov, always with irony”, “Ha, well, you are fearless”, “Wow. Great, talented and all true!”, “Even 91-year-old is beautiful!” – spoke Network (spelling and punctuation preserved).

Previously, “Morning. ru” wrote that Prokhor Chaliapin became embroiled in scandal between Sergei Shnurov and Joseph Prigogine.