“Write every day”: George Martin sped up work on the sequel to “Game of thrones”

«Пишу каждый день»: Джордж Мартин ускорил работу над продолжением «Игры престолов»

Novelist and screenwriter George Martin, on whose novels have been filmed TV series “Game of thrones”, published in his blog article, which reported on all the steps taken in connection with the epidemic measures.

“Strange days have come. Despite its antiquity, I can’t remember a time when I experienced anything like what is happening the last few weeks. Like everything in the world, we in new Mexico are taking some action”.

In obedience to common sense, Martin closed the project, which involves the accumulation of a large number of people. Among them – the art complex, Meow Wolf in Santa Fe (established with financial support from Martin) and owned by the writer Jean Cocteau cinema Cinema with a capacity of 130 seats (which fill up no more than three to four times a year, in recognition of the Martin).

Also the writer has told about how takes quarantine and what he does all day. In short: writing the history of Westeros at an accelerated pace:

“For those who may worry about me personally…Yes, I know, that are the most vulnerable group, given my age and physical condition. But at the moment I feel good, and we take all necessary precautions. I live alone in a remote and isolated place, which is visited by one of my employees, and I’m not going to go into town or someone to meet. Honestly, I spend in Vasteras much more time than in the real world, write every day. In the Seven Kingdoms is now very dark… but probably not as bleak as can be in the real world”.

About working on the book, the writer did not elaborate, but fans reasonably assumed that he writes “winter Wind” – the sixth book of the series of novels “a Song of Ice and fire”. Martin announced the book’s release a few years ago. But instead, released a thousand-page prequel about the history of the Targaryen dynasty under the name “fire and blood”, regularly pushing back the timing of the publication of “Winds of winter”. According to recent reports, the book had to be finished in 2020. However, Martin could easily focus on a sequel to the prequel – because chronologically, the action of the finale of the book “fire and blood” take place 150 years before the steps in the “Game of thrones”.

Completed his treatment of Martin, a bit sad argument that dreams about the future does not always develop in the most rosy scenario: “Sometimes, watching the news, I can’t shake the feeling that we live in a science fiction novel. But, alas, not in a science fiction novel in which I wanted to live as a boy – with cities on the moon, colonies on Mars, home robots, abide by the three laws of robotics, and flying machines. Pandemic scenarios never I especially didn’t like”.

«Пишу каждый день»: Джордж Мартин ускорил работу над продолжением «Игры престолов»