WSBK: Honda CBR1000RR Ferblade SP2 factory team Moriwaki Honda saw the light

WSBK: Honda CBR1000RR Ferblade SP2 заводской команды Moriwaki Honda все же увидел свет

On tests World Superbike at Circuito de Jerez, the factory team Honda, established on the basis of Althea Racing and supported technically one of the closest partners of the HRC in Japan, Moriwaki… not involved. But the trial version Superbike Fireblade SP2 2019 Althea were still able to experience today.

RACING.RU, 23 January 2019 – the Genesio Bevilacqua brought in sherry “Junior team” Althea, his own brainchild – pilot Alessandro Del Bianco from CIV Superbike that got a chance to Shine in the Superbike World championship.

Came and Kiyonari currently preparing for the world Cup in Japan, in silence and in great secrecy. As confirmed by German Speedweek Genesio, the team will be ready to fight in Australia, where for the first time will meet in full force. The Bevilacqua also admitted that Came and Kiyonari already tried Thai CBR1000RR for the track world Cup in Buriram, before moving to Japan.

Genesio, which motorcycle came out today on the track in Jerez?

The Genesio Bevilacqua: “It’s the same Moriwaki Honda CBR1000RR as those now preparing in Japan. But soon they will be different, since the development in Japan is in full swing. In Australia we will see a specification”.

What are the team’s plans for this season?

The Genesio Bevilacqua: “When you assume a serious responsibility, never promise results in the first race. This project will be extended for the entire season. I strive for long term cooperation with Honda, but it is difficult to say beforehand how everything goes.”

What do you think, is it not logical that Honda Racing coupled with Moriwaki in Japan must cope with the creation of the bike better than Honda Motor Europe, together with Ten Kate?

The Genesio Bevilacqua: “It’s too difficult question to get an answer, you need to ask Moriwaki – they are signed with Honda big contract. We, as a team, carry out the function of race operations, from a technical point of view, all development takes place in Japan. Probably so logical, but I’m not going to argue”.

WSBK: Honda CBR1000RR Ferblade SP2 заводской команды Moriwaki Honda все же увидел свет