X-factor 10 season 13 issue: which actors left the show in the second live

13 after release of the tenth season of “X factor”, released on STB TV-channel 7 Dec 2019, Shaw left “Furman trash polka band” and Artem Zabelin.

In the 13th edition of the show “X-factor” season 10, two members are unable to get to the next live and left the show.

In season 10 the results of the audience voting, which opened after the performances of all participants following the live broadcast were: Elina Ivashchenko, Georgiy Koldun, Anton Velboy, Mary Stepnik, Anna Ivanjica.

According to the rules, whoever got the fewest votes, leaving the 10th season of the “X-factor” without the right to sing a song for the life. This party was – “Furman trash polka band”.

See voting results:

For the right to stay in the project competed: team “Romax” and Artem Zabelin.

Be the first to win a place in the next live out ward Nastya Kamenskih Artem Zabelin with the song Lil Nas X “Old Town Road”.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: song for the life of Artem Zabelin

Next was the group “Romax”, performing the song “Saw night, walked all night until the morning.” Their mentor is Andrey Danilko.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: song for life proppa “Romax”

Nastya Kamensky gave their vote for the party – Artem Zabelin.

Danilko voted for his group “Romax”.

Olya Polyakova gave his voice to the group of “Romax”.

Igor Kondratyuk decided to vote for “Romax”.

What is X factor?
This is a music talent show, whose main purpose is identifying and developing the singing talent of the contestants. All participants chosen through public auditions. September 14, 2019, in Ukraine started the 10th season of the show “X-factor”.