“Xenia, how are you?”: Swollen and “being redecorated” Sobchak scared of fans

«Ксюша, что с тобой?»: Опухшая и «недокрашенная» Собчак испугала фанатов

Leading appeared in the program with a scraggly face and a crooked makeup, said the haters.

Famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak knows how to speak beautiful words and to convince men in their sexuality. After the scandal in the family Vitorgan and Sobchak – Xenia Anatolevna has gone by Konstantin Bogomolov.

From the network, it became known that the famous Director likes to “SIP” of alcohol, is what gives his beloved. It is for this reason his ex-wife Daria Moroz and ran away from him, say insiders. This time “the bait” a young mother Ksenia, whose very young son Plato growing up.

After another fun party Sobchak went to remove his program “be Careful, Sobchak!”, with the participation of famous women – Svetlana Bondarchuk, Yana Rudkovskaya and some other star personalities. But, when aired another edition of fans were stunned.

“Xenia, what’s up with you?” “Puffy, crooked mouth painted across the face of acne, not smeared with anything, yesterday disco Bogomolov failed! As usual booze…”, “the Opera house! And not try to hire a makeup artist for their program, and the best professional makeup artist”, “how you have suffered Vitorgan every morning?”, – haters write under the photos.

Haters believe that Ksenia Sobchak thereby trying to “pour” their excessive dependence on men. After all, every man in the life of Xenia is another story with a sad ending and tears in the pillow. Xenia thinks is men, but exactly the opposite. So this time swollen and “being redecorated” Sobchak scared of fans.

Soon, Konstantin Bogomolov bored her rather unkempt and he goes looking for a girlfriend well-groomed, confident network.

All may be because She does not think about how it looks and what it does in virtue of its conceit. She more than once stated that he is not afraid of Vladimir Putin and confident as a journalist and as a woman. In her opinion, if a woman’s in love she must give up everything. However, she did – Plato home Vitorgan, Kseniya Bogomolov in Prague.

«Ксюша, что с тобой?»: Опухшая и «недокрашенная» Собчак испугала фанатов

«Ксюша, что с тобой?»: Опухшая и «недокрашенная» Собчак испугала фанатов

«Ксюша, что с тобой?»: Опухшая и «недокрашенная» Собчак испугала фанатов