Xiaomi continues to amaze – Solista Solo smart slow cooker Intelligent Cooking Machine

Xiaomi продолжает удивлять – умная мультиварка Solista Solo Intelligent Cooking Machine

Chinese company continues to develop its own line of household appliances. Another novelty of the company was the original slow cooker combines the functions of mixer and pans.

Universal gadget can replace several kitchen appliances. Solista Solo Intelligent Cooking Machine combines several appliances. This gas stove and hood, and pan with the regime even cooking.

Cooking vegetables and meat evenly, thanks to the moving system of vanes which periodically move the pieces of food and allow it to burn.

The capacity of the bowl of the device and a 3.5 liter
Weight – 5 kg

It is made of cast aluminum with non-stick coating. Flip cover made of tempered glass so the cooking process can be monitored without opening the device.

How does the slow cooker from Xiaomi

To work with the slow cooker manufacturer has released a branded app. It can help you to choose the recipes, adjust the temperature, cooking time and the speed of the blades.

Features Solista Solo slow cooker Intelligent Cooking Machine, look at the video:

The readiness of a dish, the application informs the owner of the smartphone notification. Another feature of the device is the ability to cook without adding oil or butter. Sensor self-adjusts heating power with a minimum allocation of steam.

Price. Solista Solo Intelligent Cooking Machine is 142 USD – 3853 of the hryvnia.

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