Xiaomi has introduced headphones that never get confused

The Chinese company Xiaomi has announced a new product – dedryvere in-ear earphones Dual Driver Mi. They cable, but the manufacturer claims that they never get tangled.

  • The main feature of Mi Dual Driver you can assume the existence of two dynamic driver diameter 10 and 8 MP. They provide crisp highs and rich bass.
  • Another interesting point – there is a noise reduction system.
  • The third significant advantage of headphones is made of metersof material that is resistant to scratches. In addition, it is a material that resists tangling as other wired headphones.

In addition, Mi received a Dual Driver push-button control panel with voice assistants and 3.5 mm Jack. included two pairs of additional ear pads.

Xiaomi представила наушники, которые никогда не запутываются

Xiaomi представила наушники, которые никогда не запутываются

Mi Dual Driver have the function of canceling noise


Mi Dual Driver is already available. Their cost in the Indian market is $ 11 (almost 300 USD).

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