Xiaomi has provided a router for $ 18

Xiaomi представила роутер за 18 долларов

The Chinese company Xiaomi has released a new inexpensive routers. They are called Xiaomi Mi Router 4A and 4A Gigabit. The price of new products starts from $ 18.

Writes tehnot.com the new products are in two bands, and support Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac) with a theoretical maximum speed of up to 1167 Mbps.

Mi Router 4 transmits 100 Mbps to each connector, and Mi Router 4 Gigabit gigabytes per second. The company promises stable operation of the device when connected to 64 (128 in 4A Gigabit) gadgets at the same time. In this case we are talking about different intelligent electronics in the first place.

Appearance. New items available only in white color. Each has four antennas, two LAN ports and one WAN.

Xiaomi представила роутер за 18 долларов

Routers available only in white color

Price. Mi Router 4A is estimated at $ 18 (slightly less than 500 UAH). The older version of Mi 4A Gigabit Router is $ 25 (675 USD). The novelty will go on sale in China on March 19.

Xiaomi представила роутер за 18 долларов

The sale will begin on 19 March

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