Xiaomi has released a smart air purifier to the water tap

Xiaomi выпустила умный очиститель для воды

The Chinese company Xiaomi already has in stock some water purifiers. Now the line has added another model. Cleaner got a design without a tank and a system of rapid water treatment at a speed of 1.6 liters per minute.

As reported gizchina, the device is designed in the same style as the predecessors, although in a more rectangular shape.

The company pay attention to the use of special intellectual self-flushing mechanism that ensures the purity of the inner tubes.

Characteristics. Novelty can be controlled with a smartphone, synchronizing through the app. Placed inside the membrane hole size is 0.0001 micrometer.

The company said that the filter performs 5 stages of purification: removal of rust, scale, heavy metals, residual chlorine, impurities, and the like.

Xiaomi выпустила умный очиститель для воды

Price unknown

Single filter device can clean up to 550 gallons of water, which should be enough for 3 years of use. As promised manufacturer, the filters are modular so they can be easily replaced.

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