Xiaomi has released a smart toilet for 10 thousand hryvnia

Xiaomi выпустила умный унитаз за 10 тысяч гривен

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has continued to surprise the users with interesting innovations. This time the company introduced a smart toilet that you can control with your smartphone.

As writes the edition tehnot.com the novelty is introduced on branded crowdfunding platform for joint fundraising.

Why smart? The toilet lid is equipped with three-stage heating. This feature can be controlled with your smartphone, however you need to pre-download the application Mijia.

Xiaomi выпустила умный унитаз за 10 тысяч гривен

The toilet has a bidet function

In addition to a smartphone to control functions of the toilet, you can use the remote. On the device you can configure the automatic draining and automatic cleaning.

Also a bidet because the toilet is equipped with a special crane from antibacterial plastic. The base of the bowl is created of ceramic.

Xiaomi выпустила умный унитаз за 10 тысяч гривен

To operate the toilet using the remote control

Price. Smart toilet manufacturer rated at 2899 RMB (that’s $ 410 or 10 100 hryvnia). The sale will start December 5.

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