Xiaomi has released a smart watch for $ 100

Xiaomi выпустила смарт-часы за 100 долларов

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has released a new smart watch called Smart Watch Yunmai Training. The novelty will go on sale on March 26.

As written by gizmochina, Yunmai Smart Training Watch designed for an audience that is actively involved in sports. So, the watch will track your activity during a certain type of exercise and can give tips for improving the effectiveness of training.

The novelty received the 1.3-inch AMOLED display. Battery capacity is 420 mAh. According to developers, enough for about 4 day battery life.

Xiaomi выпустила смарт-часы за 100 долларов

Yunmai Smart Training Watch valued at $ 100

What else can your smart watch. The gadget will count steps, calories, monitor the quality and duration of sleep and other functions.

Price. The cost of hours Yunmai Smart Training Watch is 699 yuan (103 U.S. dollars or a little more than 2.8 thousand hryvnia).

Xiaomi выпустила смарт-часы за 100 долларов

The watch is designed for people involved in sports

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