Xiaomi has released a useful gadget for the kitchen

Xiaomi выпустила полезный гаджет для кухни

Company Xiaomi unveiled a new interesting product sterilizer Cutlery Xiaomi UV Sterilizer. The gadget has traditionally been provided on proprietary crowdfunding platform Youpin for joint fundraising.

Characteristics. The new plastic design. The device can be hung on the wall and secure using double-sided tape.

This device must be sterilized in the first place chopsticks, but it can also be used for cleaning other kitchen utensils. For example, spoons, forks or knives.

Xiaomi выпустила полезный гаджет для кухни

The novelty costs $ 14

Inside is mounted a special ultraviolet emitter, which performs sterilization. As says the manufacturer, the cleaning efficiency is 97%.

Price. New items valued at $ 14 (360 USD). The first deliveries are scheduled to begin on August 14.

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