Xiaomi has stopped development of firmware MIUI 12 for all smartphones

Xiaomi прекратила разработку прошивки MIUI 12 для всех смартфонов

One of the largest and most famous brands in the world involved in the creation and release to the smartphone market, Xiaomi is, and it produces different phones from different price categories, ranging from very cheap and finishing very expensive, costing in the purchase of which a large amount of money. In may of this year the brand announced a firmware MIUI 12 for branded mobile devices, and release it to more than three dozen models entered the market in recent years. The latest software in the final stable form was received only a few models, mostly top-level, whereas all the others have to upgrade in the next month and a half, until the end of July.

That is until the end of July the final stable version of MIUI firmware 12 for Xiaomi smartphones should be out for all models, both in the form of regional assemblies for the Chinese region and international version, which is easy to install and easy on your computers will be able to attend. Today, the manufacturer announced that it will stop developing the firmware for all smart phones, so their owners will not receive final Assembly and fresh beta version for a certain period of time. As reported from official source, June 25 in China will be Chinese dragon boat Festival, in which all the inhabitants of the country will rest.

Against the background of such situation, the company Xiaomi has decided to send all its employees, developers, new firmware, on vacation for one week. They will rest in the period from 25 June to 3 July inclusive, so the work on the firmware MIUI 12 will be resumed only on July 4 or later, if the need arises. So, in other words, for the whole week no new builds of the firmware are guaranteed to be produced will not be exactly. Work will not be conducted at all, so if suddenly the operating system will reveal any bugs, shortcomings and other shortcomings, to deal with them will be only after the holidays. Why the company decided to send the developers on vacation for one week – is unknown.

Operating system MIUI 12, depending on the specific model of phone, may be based on or Android Android 9 10. After users install this firmware, can expect an updated UI, a brand new Mi Camera to camera, in support of global dark themes, Dark Mode, on the possibility of using the function “Superboy”, and much more that is guaranteed will please all users. According to Chinese conglomerate Xiaomi, the latest software will be the most perfect and attractive of all, who ever she was released to the market. Needless to say, that to install a new OS will be free, making it without the mess and expense.