Xiaomi introduced not expensive smart column XiaoAI Touch Screen Speaker

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has introduced a range of products under its budget sub-brand Redmi. In particular, the company has released a brand reasonable column XiaoAI Touch Screen Speaker.

What is interesting

Smart column got an 8-inch IPS display with HD resolution. Also, the device equipped with a camera for video calls.

In addition, the firmware of the gadget integrates a number of applications of stamenkovich audio and video services.

The device can be operated using gestures or by using voice command virtual assistant XiaoAI.

XiaoAI Touch Screen Speaker can control your smart home / 4pda

Smart column can be a kind of center control other devices. For example, it can help to connect and manage intelligent doorbells and CCTV cameras. When you activate child mode, the novelty will filter the content when detection of the identity of the child, and parents can limit the time of its operation.


Redmi XiaoAI Touch Screen Speaker already on sale in the Chinese market. Its price is 50 USD (1400 UAH).

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