Xiaomi introduced the air purifier with safe fan

Xiaomi, known for a variety of products, continues to expand its crowdfunding platform YouPin. New Internet sites became air cleaner Daewoo F9 Bladeless, notable not only original design, but also custom design built-in fan that eliminates the personal injury during operation of the device.

The package includes two HEPA filter intended for cleaning the air. According to the manufacturer, with 30-fold “pumping” of the air inside the device holds up to 95.2% of formaldehyde and up to 89.7% of volatile organic compounds, says Gizchina.

Features of the new purifier Xiaomi

Daewoo Bladeless F9 has 9 modes of operation, gradation of which are outlined in the instructions as “the wind from the grassland”, “mountain forest wind” and “ocean breeze”.

Air cleaner Daewoo F9 Bladeless from Xiaomi

Design of the novelty is devoid of the external blades of the device blows a thin smooth flow of air from slots on the surface of a toroid (closed pipe). The compressor in the base of the housing draws air and directs it into the room through a hollow tube. Because of the lack of rotating mechanical elements, the device safe for children.


The fan is equipped with physical buttons on the body and comes with a remote control. The cost Daewoo F9 Bladeless is 139 dollars.

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