Xiaomi introduced the keychain to search for things

Xiaomi представила брелок для поиска вещей

The company Xiaomi has announced a compact keychain with the search function. The device syncs with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and when you forget some thing to which it is attached, immediately sends a message to the smartphone.

What is known about the new product? As reported 4PDA, using Heli Search Object Finder, the user can literally “call keys”.

The accessory set miniature speaker. In the corporate application have the ability to search the device, which is attached to the keychain using the reference audio message.

The gadget works in the opposite direction. If the owner forgot the thing on the table, removing from the object to the smartphone will immediately receive a message.

Heli Search Object Finder is convenient and the fact that the loss of any thing the person who found it can scan the located on the back side of the QR code and find the owner.

Xiaomi представила брелок для поиска вещей

Xiaomi Heli Search Object Finder sends notifications to your smartphone when you forgot some thing

Other functions. The only button on the device allows you to use it as a remote control with a smartphone. This function is useful, for example, for taking photos.

Price. The price FOB is $ 14 (about 350 UAH) for the set of three pieces, that is one Heli Search Object Finder will cost a bit more than 4.5 dollar (about 115 USD).

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