Xiaomi Redmi Note explains why 7 gives such a good sound

Xiaomi объясняет почему Redmi Note 7 выдает такой хороший звук

As soon as the company Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Note smartphone 7, on the same day, this device literally blown up the market of state employees.

Initially the main emphasis was on impressive for its price segment 48 megapixel camera. Then, a few days after the presentation, we told about the amazing protective properties. It turned out that the smartphone is able to withstand repeated falls from a large height, and also to endure the blows with the heel, rolling down the stairs inside a metal bucket, to crack nuts, smash watermelons, to keep his weight chubby Chinese and much more.

Now Xiaomi has published a post in Weibo, which says the following: “We are often asked how we managed to achieve such wonderful sound quality in the smartphone Redmi Note 7?”, and below is a detailed description with illustrations. It’s funny that no one interested in this question, because in reality, the smartphone gives a good sound (no more), but Xiaomi explained that inside the smartphone has a fairly large resonator and also some of the flagship components from Apple and Samsung. Also, the smartphone technology uses the dynamic spectrum of sound amplification (DSM), which, according to Xiaomi, it is also very important. In addition, during the call the user can manually increase the volume to 40% above the maximum, and turn off dual microphone noise reduction, so his voice was as loud.