Xiaomi wants to sue rights on the same sites in Ukraine

Xiaomi хочет отсудить права на одноименные сайты в Украине

They use the big seller of Xiaomi gadgets in our country – the company NIS

The courts for the right to use the brand Xiaomi in Ukraine continues.

As it became known “Glavpost”, Xiaomi Inc., whose interests in Ukraine are represented by the lawyer Alexander Shevchenko, addressed in economic Court of Kiev with the statement for secure evidence before filing a claim. The lawyer wants to demand from Internet invest (domain name Registrar Imena.ua) kontaktow all available information about the owners of domain names xiaomi.com.ua, xiaomi.ua, mi.com.ua, miot.com.ua and mi.ua.

Namely, to obtain names of owners, their location, telephone numbers, e-mail address.

The second defendant in the case – company NIS. The meeting is tomorrow.

For a long time Shevchenko is suing the company that has long been selling Xiaomi smartphones in Ukraine and formed the Ukrainian whole ecosystem around this brand – NIS. From 2017 the lawyer on behalf of Xiaomi H. K. Limited is trying to forbid her to bring a batch of 100 smartphones RedMi Ham 4 2/16 Gb.With regard to the mentioned domains, it is possible to install in open sources that xiaomi.ua and mi.ua decorated on the basis of the presence of the relevant brands Xiaomi and Mi. They in turn issued to the owner of NIS Aleksandra Chirkova and American Trade Inc Concorde in class 45 and 37.

On Chirkova, as well as Hong Kong NIS store Technology in Ukraine also feature brand Meizu (class 45).

As it turned out, Xiaomi leads Shirkov also dispute abroad for intellectually property. This was reported on its website Xiaomi.ua. Here we are talking about another domain – Xiaomi-Mi.com.

“The world organization of intellectual property protection (WIPO) adopted the decision on the claim Xiaomi to NIS on the alleged copyright infringement: the claim to refuse and leave the domain Xiaomi-Mi.com in the ownership of NIS,” reads the message.

But in mid-2016, Xiaomi has decided to undertake expansion in Europe and came to Ukraine. However, the decision of the Beijing leadership, a distributor of products has been selected by another company, which immediately began to use their “approximate” position, actually forbidding anyone to import and sell products under the brands of Mi, Xiaomi and Redmi in the country.

In a statement on the website said that the Beijing office began aggressive actions to eliminate mentions of its brands to third-party individuals, organizations and commercial entities.

“For the company NIS has fallen on hard times since the bulk of its activities were tied to these brands. Had to abandon the service centers and shops with combinations of Mi,” according to him.

Now, according to the report, “it was the turn of domains.”

It is also reported that NIS decided not to spoil relations and to begin the process of transferring the rights on trademarks with the identification and Xiaomi Mi registered in Ukraine.