Xinhua and TASS showed the world’s first Russian-speaking virtual host

«Синьхуа» и ТАСС показали первого в мире русскоязычного виртуального ведущего

Chinese state news Agency Xinhua and TASS in the framework of the 23-th St. Petersburg international economic forum provided the public the world’s first Russian-speaking virtual presenter with artificial intelligence.

Its development has been the company Sogou, and prototype was an employee of TASS named Lisa. It is reported that her voice, facial expressions and lip movements used for training the deep neural network. This was followed by a digital DoppelgangeR that mimic a living person.

“Feature presenter with artificial intelligence is that it can adapt articulation, gestures and facial expressions to the content of the read text. The virtual presenter will be constantly learning, improving and to improve their broadcasting skills”, – said Cai Minchzhao, General Director of “Xinhua”.

The head of TASS Sergey Mikhailov expressed hope for further cooperation with the Chinese media in the field of artificial intelligence and beyond. It should be noted that earlier the Chinese have used virtual presenters with artificial intelligence. It was twins, male and female, which is broadcast in Chinese and English.

The advantages of such a lead is obvious – he doesn’t need to pay a salary, its appearance can be easily changed, he’s not wrong and can work round the clock. It should be noted that artificial intelligence, according to scientists in the future will be taken away from people just intellectual spheres, leaving low-skilled or monotonous work “crowns of creation”.

However, until this far, because the AI currently is still in the hands of the people.