Yamaha received a prestigious award for innovation

Yamaha получила престижную награду за инновационность

Japanese Yamaha Motor has received a prestigious award for their innovative inventions and technologies. Awards received two product – concept MOTOROiD and largest in the line outboard motor F425A.

They have been awarded iF Design Award 2019. Previously, the concept of smart vehicle MOTOROiD also received such awards as the Grand prize International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), as well as the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018. Now, the third receiving prestigious awards, MOTOROiD received the recognition of all three major world competitions in the field of design.

iF Design Award 2019 will be the reward of the forum iF International Forum Design, the most long-established independent design organizations from Hanover (Germany). This award is awarded once a year since 1953, outstanding works of technical and art design of industrial products taken around the world.

Actually the concept MOTOROiD is intended to demonstrate personal mobility, in which the pilot (aka the user) are virtually fused into a single unit manned their equipment. The concept has a high precision balance control, which is performed through artificial intelligence and Autonomous technology. MOTOROiD able to determine and to analyze its condition, to change the center of gravity and stay upright on their own. He also is able to recognize the owner and myself rode up to him, and to respond to the pilot’s actions through the interface “man-machine” (human-machine interface – HMI). MOTOROiD is inspired by the concept of future mobility in which vehicles is more than just a means of transportation.

As far as outboard engine F425A, it is the largest and most powerful motor from Yamaha. This 4-stroke engine type V8 volume of 5.6 liters and power 425 HP

Yamaha also recently published the reporting for 9 months of the 2018-2019 fiscal year (April-December 2018). According to company data, the net profit distributable between the shareholders, decreased by 25.9% compared to the previous financial year – to 36.72 billion yen ($330 million). The net profit per share amounted to 201,95 yen ($1.84) compared with 264,57 yen (2.4 dollars) a year earlier. But all other indicators increased operating profit by 16% to 48.09 billion yen ($440 million), and sales volume by 1.6% to 333,9 billion yen (of 3.04 billion dollars).