Yana Rudkovskaya spoke about the altercation with the family of Andrei Malakhov

Яна Рудковская высказалась о ссоре с семьей Андрея Малахова

One of the most talked about scandals of this spring was the situation that occurred between the family of Andrey Malakhov and Yana Rudkovskaya.

The online magazine the wife Malakhova Natalia Kulevoy the text appeared, stating that my son Rudkovskaya and Plushenko possible mental disorder.

Rudkovskaya was outraged at this news and filed a lawsuit to the journal. At the moment, all the passion subsided, but John is still upset with the family Malakhov.

She spoke with Andrei and Natalia, but now broke off all contacts. Rudkovskaya stated that shkuleva treated it cynically. She would understand if Andrew and Natalie apologized to her after the text, but, according to Jana, shkuleva ignored all the attempts of the producer to talk to.

Family Malakhov and Yana Rudkovskaya was friendly in addition, Rudkovskaya turned to Kulevoy and asked her to put yourself in her place. She wished that Natalia had ever experienced that had to endure it.

She stressed that only in this case life will give Kulevoy an example of how to relate to friends and people, who for many years did good.

Uznayvse.ru reminds that Andrei Malakhov lately often gets into scandals. For example, it sued Olga Seryabkina and Natalia Rudova after he used them in the episode “live”, where there was talk about the girls working as escorts.

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