“Yandex.Market” bought the Russian service to scan and pay for goods via smartphone ScanToBuy

The company will make it part of his service for shopping in retail stores “, Supertec”.

“Andes.Market” bought the Russian service ScanToBuy with which shoppers can scan the products and pay them through the app. About it vc.ru said the representative of “Yandex.Market”.

The amount of the transaction has not been disclosed. The whole team ScanToBuy of eight people will go to work in “Yandex.Market.” Self-service payment through the app will be part of the service “Superchick”, scheduled for launch in 2019, said the representative of the company. He added that the question of the preservation of the name ScanToBuy is still open.

“Supertech” will allow you to create shopping lists, compare prices and choose the method of purchase: alone in the shop, arrange delivery or pick up your assembled order. Also users will get personalized recommendations.

“Yandex.Market,” according to the company, have already agreed on cooperation with several networks, for example, “ABC taste” and “Smile of the rainbow”. In their shops there will also be a test scan and pay for goods through the app.

We found a ready-made technology that is stable and already tested. Buying service will help us to run the application “Supertec” with the necessary set of functions in a short time.

the press service of “Yandex.Market”

Service ScanToBuy launched in 2018, Elena Petrova. The first partner of the service was the supermarket “Best” in Samara. In December 2018 a purchase using ScanToBuy became available in the store “Pyaterochka” in the South-East of Moscow, in which X5 Retail Group has opened a laboratory for testing and development of new technologies. For “fives” team ScanToBuy has released a standalone application.

How does ScanToBuy:

  • The user downloads the mobile app. Chooses the store and using the smartphone’s camera scans the barcodes of products they want to buy.
  • Purchase with a bound to the application of the Bank card.
  • At the exit of the store clerk or security guard verifies the payment with a QR code.

Services like ScanToBuy earn Commission, explained the representative of “Yandex.Store”: stores pay a percentage of each purchase made through the app. Petrov did not answer the questions vc.ru about the reasons for the sale ScanToBuy, the performance of service and the fate of existing agreements. In “Yandex.Market” also did not say whether the company plans to keep the contracts ScanToBuy.