Yarosh: We are not going to fight with the left. Shoot them lightly – and everything

Ярош: Мы не станем драться с левыми. Перестреляем их легонько - и все

Ukrainian nationalists are ready to fight back the leftist factions, if they take to the streets, trying to replicate the unrest taking place in the United States. About it in interview to “Observer”, which was published on 4 July, the commander said “Ukrainian volunteer army,” former lawmaker Dmitry Yarosh.

On the question of whether the right to fight “anti-fascist” Yarosh replied: “no. I’m not a boy, to run and to fight. We shoot them lightly – and everything if it will threaten the state. What to fight them?”

According to the commander of the UDA, the ideological movement “anti-fascists” in Ukraine has only a few dozen people.

“Once their was a little more, but the nationalists always chasing, pressing. It’s so awkward… It’s not even some movement. Remember, on the Maidan something tried to get in – they were given to the head. They are after all not rock the boat. You have them in the war for Ukraine has ever seen? No. Therefore, it is,” he said.

The greater threat, according to Yarosh, is the creation by Russia of the groups that imitate the leftist trend.

“Now heard far – [MP] Ilya Kiva starts a social movement “For life”. That’s something like “Hold” in 2014, which knocked then from Kharkov and now is fighting against us in Donetsk. Something imaginary created by the Russian intelligence services, in principle, possible. But it’s just the enemies. The reason I say “shoot” – because it’s not no policy, but simply state the rebellion, and it must be very hard to suppress,” said the former MP.

In world movement “Antifa” are ultra-left organizations, which see their aim as the fight against fascism. Organized anti-fascists, hiding the face, take to the streets to counteract the extreme right. Performances of “anti-fascists” in the USA are often accompanied by violence, wrote “Voice of America”.

The President of the United States Donald trump in August 2019 stated that ponders whether or not to classify left-wing radical movement “Antifa” to terrorist organizations. He again expressed this idea may 31, 2020, after the outbreak of protests triggered by the death of the African-American George Floyd, who died may 25 after a tough police detention.

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