Yastremsky about Serena Williams: Not to say that she is my hero, maybe I could beat

Ястремская о Серене Уильямс: Не скажу, что она мой кумир, возможно, я могла ее обыграть

Talented Ukrainian tennis player Diane Yastremsky, who, at 18 years of age is in 36th place in rating WTA, commented on the match in Australian Open against the legendary American tennis player Serena Williams.

Diane remembered that he had not set itself the goal to win the Australian Open because realistically assess your chances.

“Arriving in Australian Open, aiming to win is a very big goal for me right now. I’m trying to be more realistic and set a goal to reach the maximum, which I can. This time was a high 3rd round against Serena Williams,” he said in an interview with the Federal office.

Maybe I could show more and beat her. It seems to me that there are plus the fact that I lost to her. I felt something unusual from her that I would like to buy. I think it’s a little out – this time to take and use it the way she does. Just because she’s a legend she’s a legend. I do not argue and she always say. I respect her – is not discussed. I even told her that in the locker room. But to put her as my idol I can’t
– said the Ukrainian.

“I believe that there should not be idols in women’s tour player who becomes a professional player and comes to the top. In childhood, might be the player as I had Federer and Serena, to whom I wanted to emulate, to become like them. It was like a motivation for me. Now I can say that can she’s got a lot to learn, but I will not say that she is my idol,” added Diane.

Also Yastremsky has shared his impressions of the draw at the AO, when he saw that her potential opponent can be a formidable American.

When I saw the draw, I immediately saw the name of Williams. I didn’t have the feeling that I’m playing Serena Williams, I’m afraid, why I have such a grid, and someone easier. As they say, do not give us ways that we can’t overcome. We have decide whether or not their actions. I had this experience to play with it. I was very happy because to play against Serena on Rod Laver arena, not every Junior can. I was anxious as usual before each match. But I was also determined to win. Despite the defeat, it was one of the nicest defeats in the round – remember Yastremsky.

Note that Yastremsky are unable to overcome the stage of the 1/32 finals of the tournament in Dubai (UAE). Diane in three sets has conceded to the ex-first racket of the world the Harbin Mugurusi.

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